A Deep Dive Into the LunchBox Amp Sim!

A Deep Dive Into the LunchBox Amp Sim!

In a recent review by Reviewer’s Revival, they discussed our Lunchbox Amp, a guitar amp sim that, despite its compact nature, "comes roaring out of your DAW with a growl and bite". 

This amp sim, built on the foundation of a 1960s British valve design, is described as a piece that "delivers a very solid punch way above its weight class".

Reviewer's Revival draws attention to Lunchbox’s sonic versatility, noting, "From clean jangle to raucous snarls, Lunchbox delivers".

Yet, it's not just about the rich tones it produces; the amp's adaptability to the user's playing dynamics is also emphasized, with the reviewer stating, "This amp sim has a genuineness about it that is gratifying, and it responds nicely to playing dynamics and pick attack".

The detailed review doesn't just focus on the product; it also delves deeper into Kiive Audio, shedding light on our company's trajectory and the team behind its operations. 

Intrigued by these snippets and eager to read the full review?

Dive into the complete "Kiive Audio LunchBox AMP Review (2023)" on Reviewer’s Revival. Let us know what you think!

To purchase your own copy of Lunchbox, simply click here!

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