Kiive Audio: Modern Plugins with Analog Vibes

Kiive Audio: Modern Plugins with Analog Vibes

White Noise Studio was gracious enough to review our line of plugins. Here’s a quick summary of what he had to say! 

"Kiive has made quite the entrance with these plugins, and they have thought of everything you want from analog sounding plugins, with some handy extras added."

He especially enjoyed our free Tube style EQ plugin. He said:

"The free plugin is the amazing WARMY EP1A which is a Pultec EQ emulation, but very interestingly modeled after the warm audio eqp-wa. I think that’s a first."

He also mentioned how the visual aesthetics of the plugins are as impressive as their audio capabilities:

"Visually it’s very nice to look at, photo realistic and it has a luxurious look. What I really like is the effort taken in the knobs, it even reflects the markings around the knob. That’s some great eye for detail."

We’re very thankful for White Noise Studio and this video they made. Feel free to check it out and take advantage of his discount code!

🔗 Watch the Full Video Review: KIIVE Tape Face and more! Great ANALOG sounding plugins!

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