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The Filkchannel Strip is an analog modelled plugin based on some of the best Danner Cassette Modules made in the 70's.

The Filkchannel offers many tonal options, from light analog warmth on vocals, acoustic guitars and mix bus, to gritty driven tones for aggressive, In your face drums, bass, and heavy guitars!


(Saturation Preamp, 3 Band EQ with LP and HP Filters, OPTO Compressor with adjustable ratio, Swap-able FX Chain, Resizable GUI, Oversampling)


The preamp section of the Filkchannel allows you to take your sounds from warm and analog tones (set to the left) or drive your sounds with aggressive harmonics and distortion (set to the right) In addition, this module has an added trim knob to attenuate the added gain from the input knob.


The EQ section of the Filkchannel gives you 3 bands of parametric EQ so you can adjust you sounds any way you want. This section also includes a HP and LP filter both ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. As well as shelf buttons for the high and low frequencies.


The Compressor section of the Filkchannel allows you to add punch and attack to your tracks with our fixed attack and release opto style compressor. Use the in and out knobs to adjust the amount of compressor and set the ratio using out variable ratio knob. This section also includes a dry/wet mix knob to dial back the amount of compression.

Supported Plugin Formats

Mac 64bit: VST, AU, AAX
Windows 64bit: VST, AAX

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