Subtle saturation to harmonic distortion

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Tape (1).png
The Last Tape Emulation You'll Ever Need!

Tape Face is an analog emulation of a classic German tape machine with a few added features to give you versatility in every mix!

Tape Face is perfect for adding warm analog character to your master or sub group busses. Use our custom bias algorithm to add unique low mids and saturation to drums and bass. Or throw it down on every track to emulate recording through a physical tape recorder using our very CPU friendly oversampling!

Tape (1).png
The Modules 
Tapeface Input


The In / Out section of Tape Face allows you to add subtle tape saturation to your tracks (If left at unity gain (0) ) or drive your sounds into more aggressive distortion by cranking the input knob. This section also includes a link button to automatically attenuate your output volume when pressed in.

Tapeface Meter


The Meter / IPS section of Tape Face allows you to change the VU meter style from input signal, gain reduction and the output signal. The IPS switch allows you to toggle between 7.5 ips and 15 ips.

Tapeface Bias


The Bias / Low Boost section of Tape Face allows you to adjust the tape bias from normal to +3. The low boost button engages a low frequency EQ curve to make up for some lost low end while pushing the input. The noise knob lets you adjust the noise and hum volume found in analog tape machines.

Minimum System Requirements

Supported  Plugin Formats

  • 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent (PC)

  • 1GB of RAM

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, 10.14 or higher recommended

  • Windows 7 & Above

  • Screen res: 1024 x 768 or higher

  • 64 bit DAW support only

  • Mac 64bit: VST, AU, AAX

  • Windows 64bit: VST, AAX