Spinlight Studio Mixes Drums with ONLY Distinct Pro!

Spinlight Studio Mixes Drums with ONLY Distinct Pro!

In a recent video, Rhys from Spinlight Studio explored the dynamic capabilities of our new plugin, Distinct Pro, showcasing its ability to add color, enhance perceived loudness, and breathe life into every element of your mix. Here are some key takeaways:

Elevating Your Sound
Distinct Pro isn't just another plugin—it's a game-changer. From drums and bass to guitars and vocals, Distinct Pro excels across the board, injecting your tracks with newfound vitality and character.

       "It brings the mix to life, adds excitement, and maintains a natural sound                    without overwhelming distortion."

Precision Crafting
With intuitive controls and a powerful EQ section, Distinct Pro puts you in the driver's seat of your sound. Fine-tune your mix with precision, whether you're seeking subtle warmth or aggressive grit.

       "Shape your sound creatively with Distinct Pro's versatile toolkit."

Inspire Creativity
Discover new sonic possibilities with Distinct Pro's creative features. Experiment with parallel distortion sends, explore different saturation types, and unleash your imagination like never before.

       "Unlock your creativity and push the boundaries of conventional sound with              Distinct Pro."

Watch the full video to see Distinct Pro in action! 👇 

Join the growing community of musicians, producers, and engineers who are embracing Distinct Pro and transforming their sound.

Start your free trial today and start upgrading your mixes now!

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