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Complete Collection gives you access to ALL 12 of our plugins at Kiive Audio!
From Distortion Boxes, and Guitar Amps to Mix Bus Processors and MORE, this bundle features 12 plugins designed to get your music sounding better than ever, with ease!
Get access today, and experience the new image of sound with the Complete Collection from Kiive! (Currently 58% Off!)

Plugins Included In This Bundle:

V-Comp - $89 (Normally $149)

This Vari-Mu Compressor carries all of the weight and density you'd expect, while imparting an insanely musical compression and color that comes from the 7 onboard tubes, and Iron transformer built into the original hardware!

To highlight the lovely saturation the V-Comp is capable of, we’ve added a 4th option to the existing Single, Double and Triple modes. “Bypass”, as the name implies, completely bypasses the compression section of the circuit while still running through the all-tube signal path and big, fat transformers!

XL-305R Dual Reverb- $79 (Normally $139)

AudioScape’s hardware version of the XL-305R has its roots in the digital-free XL-305 Spring Reverb released by Micmix in 1979. Owing to its smooth decay and unique sonic signature, it has been a secret weapon reverb over the years and has gained cult-like status.

Working in collaboration directly with AudioScape Engineering, we’re proud to bring you the software version of this classic with our new XL-305-R Equally-Tempered Spring Reverb plugin.

Golden58 - Tube Preamp - $69 (Normally $99)

The hardware version of the Golden 58 (developed by Chris Yetter and his team at AudioScape) was always fated to be a limited run. Using parts like four NOS transformers per unit, and hard to source 5879 tubes ensured that. But, the radiant warmth and saturation of the original is now available again with the Golden 58 Plugin.

New enhancements have been added to the plugin like Auto-Gain control for consistent output levels and Output Trims, which give the user even more control over the units saturation circuit.

KC1 - Tube Compressor - $79 (Normally $139)

Experience unparalleled warmth and silky-smooth compression with the all-new KC1 Tube Comp!

Inspired by a legendary studio staple loved by producers worldwide, KC1 brings classic tube warmth and an insanely musical sounding compression that sounds great on just about every source.

With its intuitive interface and meticulously modeled circuit, KC1 allows you to sculpt your mix with precision!

NFuse - $99 (Normally $199)

NFuse merges the best of both worlds, featuring classic analog character with modern precision from two of the most renowned bus processors on the market.

With each module being interchangeable, you have complete control over the Saturation, EQ, Compression, and Stereo Width of your mix.

With a wide range of tonal options between the units, you aren't just getting two flavors of the same thing, but two powerhouse units in one.

Complexx - $89 (Normally $149)

This unit, which had its origins in the vision of renowned manufacturers of that era, was celebrated for its unmatched versatility. Crafted with intricate transistor electronics, its unique feature was an FET gain-reduction mechanism that was steered by three distinct circuits.

Every detail, from its color-coded controls to its layout, was meticulously designed for intuitive use.

Distinct Pro! - $59 (Normally $99)

This plugin combines advanced harmonic distortion and saturation controls in the Drive Section with an extensive Dynamic (DYN) section for detailed compression management.

Take full control of the way you sculpt your transients and saturation with all of the new features Distinct Pro offers and take your sound design possibilities above and beyond!

Distinct Pro! takes what you know and love from the original Distinct! unit, and brings over all new saturation circuits which allows for complete control of the ultimate distortion box - perfect for any scenario.

Filkchannel Strip MK2 - $89 (Normally $129)

The Filkchannel Strip is an analog modeled plugin & is based on some of the best Danner Cassette Modules from the 70's.

The Filkchannel Strip MK2 offers a wide variety of tonal options with it's 7 modules.

From light analog warmth on vocals, acoustic guitar & mixbus, to aggressive and gritty tones for in your face drums, bass, and heavy guitars, Filkchannel is your one-stop-shop channel strip!

Features: 2 Preamps, 3 EQs, and 2 Compressor Modules

ADC1 Comp/Limiter - $79 (Normally $129)

With its 4 modes, ADC1 gives you all the gooey compression you could ever ask for!

Width control, wet / dry mix and oversampling all included in this compressor inspired by 2 of the most iconic compressors / limiters of the 50s and 60s.

The ADC1 compressor / limiter’s spanky compression is perfect for slamming drums and vocals!

Lunchbox Amp - $49 (Normally $69)

Meet the LunchBox Amp, an accurate revival of one of the most legendary British valve amps from the 60's!

Get crystal clear cleans, or use the built in drive and amp controls to dial in something gritty!

Distinct! - $14.99 (Normally $29.99)

Based on the incredible harmonic saturation found in a modern analog Modular Channel unit. “Distinct!” packs all of those rich harmonic characteristics into an easy to use plugin.

Create subtle saturation to warm up drums, vocals and mix bus, or drive this plugin into oblivion to create crazy fuzz bass tones, distorted vocal fx and insane synth sounds. Use the added HF and LF knob to shape your sound before hitting the distortion.

S-Quick Strip - $29 (Normally $39)

The S-Quick strip is our modern take on one of the most acclaimed channel strips! Use it as a console-style insert to quickly add saturation, EQ, compression, and transient manipulation to any mix!

The S-Quick Includes a polarity flip button, two circuits of saturation, a highpass filter, a two band EQ with shelf and bell options, one knob compressor with auto makeup gain, a transient designer, saturation wet and dry mix, and a compressor sidechain.

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  • 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent (PC)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, 10.14 or higher recommended
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • Screen res: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • 64 bit DAW support only